Helping your business be LEGALLY healthy!

What is the Legally Healthy Package?

The Legally Healthy Package (‘LHP’) is a collection of essential legal templates and information sheets designed specifically for naturopaths, nutritionist, herbalists and wellness practitioners. It is the passion project of Business Lawyer and Naturopath Chantel Ryan, and renowned Australian Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Mentor Rebecca Lang. Chantel and Rebecca realised many practitioners were practising without proper legal documents in place and putting themselves at risk so Chantel decided to use her extensive legal experience and knowledge to create the LHP.

Watch our video below to learn more about the package and how it came about

Benefits of the LHP

  • Contains essential legal documents for your business at a fraction of the cost of getting these drafted individually by a lawyer
  • Easy to use templates with fool proof instructions so you can personalise to suit your business needs
  • Drafted by an experienced business lawyer, turned naturopath who understands the health and wellness industry and has drafted the templates specifically for natural health practitioners
  • Designed for Australian start-ups and small businesses in the natural health industry who want to reduce their legal risk but don’t know where to start.

Why your business needs the LHP:

  • Protect confidentiality & your intellectual property.
  • Set clear and strong boundaries
  • Educate your clients about how to work with you.
  • Reduce misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations
  • Resolve disputes and problems peacefully.
  • Limit your liability in case things do go wrong.
  • Create clear & consistent business policies
  • Feel confident that you have solid legal foundations.
  • Minimise your legal risk so you can focus on what you do best
  • Add a personal touch to your legal policies and procedures
  • Stand out from other practitioners  by looking more professional and trustworthy to clients  

Is the LHP right for me?

The LHP is best suited to you if you are…..

  • An Australian sole trader, small company or micro businessthe templates and information sheets all relate to Australian law and are not be suitable for use outside of Australia
  • Willing and able to invest some time & effort to customise the templates to suit your business needswe will step you through it but to get the most out of the package, it will require some TLC on your part to personalise and finalise.
  • Your business is relatively simple and low riskfor larger, high stakes &high risk businesses our custom contract drafting services may suit you better.

If the above does not sound like you, don’t worry – the LHP may still be suitable – we just encourage you to reach out first so we can help you decide if the LHP is right for you before you buy. You may also want to read out FAQ’s.

What’s included in the LHP?

9 Essential Legal Documents

  • Privacy Policy 
  • Privacy Collection Statement
  • Website Terms of Use
  • Sale Terms and Conditions
  • Disclaimers – (for Facebook Groups, for Blog Articles, Online Programs and Emails)
  • Client Informed Consent
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Mentoring Partnership Agreement
  • Contractor Agreement

PLUS 5 x BONUS Information Sheets

  • 10 Legal Tips for Starting a Business
  • How to Comply with the Spam Act
  • Advertising your Goods and Services Legally
  • Engaging other workers in your business
  • Working with Children and Mature Minors

The documents in the package all come with simple explanations of what they are, why you need them and how to use them in your business as well as step by step instructions on how to personalize the templates to suit your business. You will also have access to videos that explain the documents, if you prefer to learn about them that way!

PLUS , as a purchaser of the LHP,  you’ll get exclusive access to a PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP just for LHP members where you have access to LHP creator, lawyer and fellow Naturopath Chantel Ryan who will answer member queries on how to use the LHP documents successfully in your business, as well as share other tips and tricks to help keep your business Legally Healthy!

You spend time helping your clients get and stay healthy, make sure your business is Legally Healthy too!

It is a condition of sale that you read, understand and agree to the Terms of Purchase 

Ready to get Legally Healthy?

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Not sure yet? Read our FAQ’s and or if still have questions about whether the LHP is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us before you buy.